Tracting in a Winter Wonder Land

It’s been a great week!

The Lord is blessing us so much in this area! So many people have been letting us in! More people have been letting us in because it’s been between 0-10 degrees outside for the past few days!

The different ways we have found people this week (or so…):

We were trying people who could be potential investigators and we met a lady who said she knew a little bit about Mormons because her friend was LDS, then she said she attended another church and was involved in it a lot, but she liked learning. Somehow our discussion turned into a lesson about the Book of Mormon. All of a sudden she was listening really intently, and she seemed more interested! It was really cool to see how the spirit can touch people’s lives!

There is a trailer park near where we live, we had gone there a million times before trying to see people that Sister Frisby had tracted before I got to Cooperstown, but for some reason, I was had the impression to go there, I thought to myself, “We been there a MILLION times already!” Obviously it was the Spirit, because we were able finally able to see someone, that we had tried a million times! She already has a Book of Mormon, read it, and has a testimony of it! So excited to go back and teach her! Sometimes the Spirit tells us to do crazy things, but if we listen to and act on those “crazy” prompting, we will be blessed and it will only add to this crazy adventure we call life!

A few days later…

We went to the same trailer park…I don’t know what it is about that trailer park. And we tried to contact another person that had been hard to get a hold of. Well, the person we were looking for moved, but the two people that were there let us in! We taught them a lesson, and they wanted us to come back! It’s so exciting to see the Spirit work in people’s lives!

Anyway, on Sunday…

We had dinner with the Jones family. Their son is leaving for the MTC soon! It’s really nice to have Sunday meals, it makes Sundays feel less weird 🙂

On New Year’s eve…

We went to Pizza Hut (Because apparently it’s a whole sit down restaurant in NY) with the Zvirzdin family! We got some yummy pizza. This family feeds us every week, usually on Thursdays! they are very nice!

We went to bed at 10:30, if there were any fireworks or celebrations, we slept through it, didn’t hear a thing it was great! earliest I’ve ever went to bed on New Year’s!

On New Year’s day…

We were helping one of our investigator’s outside when all of a sudden it started snowing hard! I guess all the snow last year was used up last February so it couldn’t snow until the first! 😉

Time flies by so fast!! I’ve been out a year! A WHOLE year…nay I don’t think that’s possible, it’s more like two months right? 😉 My mission so far has been great! I am so grateful for this opportunity to serve the Lord in upstate New York! I have really grown and been blessed to serve here! Thank you for all of your support!

Love you all!

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