Transfers and #creepystalkercat

I had a wonderful week!

BTW I like hashtags so that’s what this post will be made up of!!


We had a great district meeting! Our District Leader didn’t plan anything…but for good reason! He was trying to have us feel how are investigators feel when we don’t prepare anything! It was cool to see how much we really need to plan in order for the spirit to fully be there! Next transfer we are going to be in another district 🙁 So I won’t be in the same District as Sister Abbott! So Sad!! But I will still see her around!! 🙂


On Wednesday morning we had so much fun with Sister Savage!! We made chocolate suckers! They were Halloween themed! There was a witch one (Aka Elphaba) and a bat one she had other designs but we just stuck with those two! For lunch she served us tomato soup and fried cheese sandwiches (I’ve heard people call them that a lot…I guess it’s a NY thing haha). It was so good to have comfort food with fall in the air! At the end we made chocolate mustache suckers! We took selfies with them…obviously! We had so much fun!


On Friday We got to go to a Volley Ball game at the University! it was really fun! I forgot how much fun it is to be at school games!  It’s just like a a high school game! For some reason I thought it would be different…


Saturday was a busy day! In the morning we went to a service project in Ithica. We prepared food packets for children with out food. It was a fun process! There were four large bins of ingredients, Rice, dried veggies, vitamins, and soy. We would scoop the ingredients and put them through a funnel into a bag. Then they would weigh the bags to make sure there was a enough food, the bags would then get sealed and packed into boxes. We made over 300,000 meals! We also listened to classic songs from the 80’s 90’s and now (And sometimes even before the 80’s…) Doing service and rocking out to good music! So much fun!


The #generalwomensmeeting was so much fun! Especially since we had Olive Garden before! I have missed that so much! It reminds me of all the times we had it at home before or after the meetings! I loved all of the talks so much! I loved how they all talked about how Heavenly Father knows our worth and potential! I especially loved President Uchtdorf’s talk, and the story about Ava and her Great Aunt Rose. It was hilarious and it had a good ending. As a side note, I loved how he described the cat #creepystalkercat. We can be happy now and forever! Faith leads to Hope, Hope leads to Confidence and Confidence leads to Happiness! “Now is part of eternity”


We had a General Authority come and speak with us On Sunday. It was Elder Clay and his wife. They were actually from New York and he was the Stake President over in Syracuse. He also lived in Binghamton for a while and was baptized in the Binghamton Branch (Yes before it was a ward!) And so was Sister Clay. They talked a lot about the Sabbath Day. and I really enjoyed it! We also had the Stake President come and speak with us also. He gave us two steps of understanding the Atonement more. 1. Allow others to make mistakes and change 2. Avoid negative labels. I really enjoyed Sacrament meeting this Sunday!


As always we had dinner with the Drakes except this time we had the other Elders with us! (Soon we will have 3 sets of Elders in this ward!!!) We had enchiladas! They were sooooo goood! Some how I liked the bell peppers in it…#whathappened?! We had a fun “family picture” and then we went to a fireside! 🙂

Fun family photo with the drakes...and the dogs

Fun family photo with the drakes…and the dogs


On Sunday night we had the opportunity to go to really cool fireside about the Joseph knight and Josiah Stowell homes. I wasn’t too sure about how that connects with the church history but it does’t and I would love to go there and learn more about it, since this church history sight is actually in our mission! The Restoration of the Priesthood site and the Sacred Grove are so close yet so far away!! It also mentions Broome County in the Doctrine and Covenants and that is the county that we live in!!

One more thing…


On Saturday we had transfer calls! Sister Hess will be leaving me!! But she isn’t going to far just to Liverpool (Not in England, in NY!!! It’s by Syracuse…I’ve been there before for Zone meetings!) We have become best friends! We both can’t wait to hang out when she gets home (I keep forgetting that she goes home after me!) When she gets home I will already be in school at UVU so I’m going to take the Front Runner up to Ogden and she is going to show me around!! We already have a list of movies we want to watch and places we want to go! She is my best friend!! I’m going to miss her so so so much!

This is how we feel about transfers...

This is how we feel about transfers…

Loves yas!! Have a great week!

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