First of all I got transfer calls this week!

My companion is being transferred to Auburn (It’s near Syracuse) and I am getting a new companion! I am excited for my new companion, but I am also sad that my old companion is leaving.

So spring finally came yesterday!

We have a joke with the senior couple here. They started playing Hawaiian music a couple of weeks ago to try to bring spring in, and you know what? It worked! So on Wednesday when there was a really bad snow storm (as if it were February again) we blamed them for not playing their Hawaiian music. The snowstorm was super crazy… like we had to head in for the night it was so bad!

Tomorrow my companion and I head down to Utica to transfer. Then we have a Branch FHE where we have to do a role play… Sorry to my new companion! The first thing she has to do is do a role play with the Elders in front of the branch… I’m just glad I’m not training. If I were training I would feel bad for the person I would be training!

Again on Sunday, we spontaneously taught primary. We taught about Joseph Smith and the first vision. I had a lot of fun teaching the little kids. It was like being with the Sunbeams again.

Since my companion is leaving…

We’ve been saying good bye to everyone. We went to the White’s house on Saturday night, that was fun and spontaneous. On Sunday we went to the Miskin’s house (the senior couple here). Well they had had a pretty crazy day so they sent us a text to “come with a big appetite and closed eyes.” So we took that literally! We went home, grabbed some scarfs and went to their house for dinner. Well when Sister Miskin opened the door she was about to say “come in,” but saw us and slammed the door in our face. My companion had thought that Sister Miskin fell over but she just went over to get Elder Miskin. He opened the door and saw us and THWACK! He slammed the door too! So now I can say that I’ve had a door slammed in my face on my mission!

As always I’ll tell you about District Meeting!

We had a good meeting about how to set goals and plan to achieve those goals. It reminded me about that book that we read as a family a few years ago… I think it’s by Ezra Taft Benson, but I can’t remember. Well it was about desires and making goals. I think I am going to achieve my goal better now.

On Saturday…

We had a Relief Society activity, we learned about gardening and tied a quilt. I’ve never tied a quilt before so that was fun.

I know that Heavenly Father is there for us and can answer our prayers! I know that through the Atonement of Jesus Christ, we can overcome any trial and get through any difficulty. I have already started to see my testimony strengthen on my mission. As I rely on the Lord for help, I can become an amazing missionary. I hope your testimony is growing everyday.

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