Watch Out NY… I’m Driving!

This week was pretty good!

It went by really fast… I don’t know why… nothing to exciting happened…

We had District Meeting on Tuesday

We learned about how we need to ask inspired questions that are specific for the person we are teaching. It really helps to understand the needs of our investigators and the concerns they might have.

We had dinner with members a few times this week

We were able to go to some members that we haven’t been to before. I was able to get to know those members a little better. AND they made really good food. We had a spicy Mexican rice thing and chicken with green chilies… I don’t think I have had anything Mexican since I have been home. Then we had pancakes for dinner… twice… Once with the White’s of course.

We are teaching this older couple who progress pretty frequently. They have been reading the Book of Mormon, and they participate in the lessons more. AND she was able to come to the Relief Society Activity! We made a baby quilt, and she did tie a whole row. We didn’t finish the quilt so we had to maneuver the quilt into the relief society room while it was still attached to the four 2 by 4s with a low ceiling. it was really hard but we did it. And we had egg salad sandwiches… So you probably think I’m crazy because that paragraph made no sense… sorry…

A Catholic Church

A lot of people told us to look inside the Catholic church in Lake Placid, because it’s very beautiful inside! I’ve never been in another church’s chapel that I remember (I’ve been in lots of church kitchens!), so we thought it would be cool! I guess you can just walk right in! so we did. It was very pretty inside, but I wish there was someone there to tell us about it! So we might go again to find someone to tell us about it!

We were tracting one day (I don’t remember what day…) And a kid answered the door. We said “Hi, how are you?” And he looked at us and said, “Hold on,” and he rand to his older sister and said, “I don’t know what to do! Come to the door!” He got very frustrated and her finally got his sister to come to the door… Yup! I remember those days when I ran from the door.

My companion likes to sing randomly when we are walking down the street…

Mostly “How firm a foundation” she even has arm movements for it. Once I was in the shower and she started singing at the top of her lungs! When I got out she asked me if I hear her singing to me… I didn’t. So the people next door to us probably think we are crazy…

It was Malea White’s birthday on Saturday

So on Sunday we had dinner at the White’s. We ate pancakes, we learned about the how the line of a royalty works, and scorpions. I think that is a typical dinner at the White’s house. Then we ate cake and ice cream, except no one liked the cake. Well, the ice cream was good! The White’s are really awesome!


So this transfer I am the designated driver. There is this thing called Tiwi in the mission cars that monitors your driving, your speed, how aggressive you drive and the RPM (I think that’s what it’s called). It’s a little tough to get used to it, especially since you can drive a lot faster in Utah than you can in NY. If you go 75 on the freeway, you will get pulled over.

​Sister Gass is scared of my driving...she shouldn't be, I'm a good driver right?

​Sister Gass is scared of my driving…she shouldn’t be, I’m a good driver right?

Black flies! Aargh!

I have a million black fly bites now, but they are dying so they should be gone by the end of June!!

I remember when I was in youth Sunday School, sometimes we didn’t have a teacher and so Brother Chamberlain would come in a use a magic trick in the lesson… or bribe us, he use to say, “If you let me teach you I will show you a magic trick! He’s pretty cool!

The other day we were trying to see people, and it rained while we were in the car, but as soon as we stopped, it stopped raining. Every single time we stopped it stopped raining, or at least let up for a minute! Isn’t it cool how the Lord show his love for us? In those small moments and tender mercies! And we don’t get rainbows…

It seems like Sisters are in areas longer then Elder because there are fewer of us… And I know that there is something here for us to do still, or else they would have closed this area for a few transfers. This is the slow season because all the missionaries who came out two years ago after school got out, are home now and the new ones aren’t coming until July. So we have set a goal to have one baptism this transfer!

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