Zone Conference and a Happy Birthday

This week was the fastest week in the history of my mission!

But then again, Zone Conference, feels like it was 5 weeks ago! It was a good week! It was Zone Conference, my companion’s birthday, and I reached my 5 month mark! CRAZY right?

I have been excited for Tuesday for three weeks now!

We had Zone Conference! (That sounded anticlimactic… but whatever!) We learned how to teach, using a new(ish) teaching method. I really learned a lot and I feel more comfortable teaching.

We had chicken for lunch and we ate at the “Sisters” table. One of the Elders (he’s an AP) didn’t like that, so he ate at our table and asked us what Sisters talk about. That was an interesting conversation… we talk about the randomest things! And I might have told everyone that it was my companion’s birthday on Thursday (the story will come later).

After lunch, President Wirthlin gave a presentation of his time as a mission president. Not a single eye was dry. I am so sad that he is leaving! However I was able to get a picture with him and Sister Wirthlin. I’m going to miss Sister Wirthlin too! She always gave the best trainings. This time she gave us gold fish so that we could be “Fishers of Men” in missionary work and with your companion.

That night we went to a BBQ at the branch. We played volley ball. I remembered how to play it. Our team won! We also played Ping Pong and a quick game of Apples to Apples!

GUESS WHAT! Liz White watches some of the same shows that I watch. She loves Wicked and she loves Merlin. I think we would have been best friends, if we went to high school together. I get along with her so well.

I was my companion’s birthday on Thursday!

In the morning, I made her a cake. I also made my yummy frosting, but I realized that we didn’t have any food coloring so I put orange jello mix in. It actually tasted pretty good! It was convenient because my companion likes Syracuse (the collage). Their colors are orange and blue, so we had orange frosting and blue candles. We tried to light the candles outside (we can’t have open flames in our apartments). It didn’t work, so she just pretended to blow them out. Later, we took the cake to bible study.

I also bought her a card, I told her that I was trying to find a card for Maggie (her birthday is the next closest) so I could buy it secretly and I also bought her a Lindt candy bar (the skinny kind that is really good). The next morning, I found a thank you note from my companion. 🙂

As a result of me telling all the sisters and one of the APs we had three birthday phone calls. The APs called us in the morning, the Norwood Sisters called us during weekly planning, and the Zone Leaders called us right as we were about to leave.

The night before my companion’s birthday, a member called us to take us out to lunch the next day, she had no idea that it was her birthday. It was definitely a tender mercy for her!


Something really special happened on Saturday…

We were able to meet a former missionary who served in Lake Placid about 18 months ago. She was Sister Lambert when she was on her mission, she’s married now. The White’s had a BBQ for her so she could say hi to everyone in the branch. She served here for 9 months! That’s a long time! She spoke at church on Sunday, about how the church is one big family that is broken up into smaller families (wards or branches). She was very cute and very loud! We also had dinner with the White’s on Sunday so we were able to talk with her again. I am glad to see that the branch still remembers who the missionaries are even when they go home. I will always feel welcome in this branch (especially at the Whites house) 🙂

I have finally figured out how to budget my study time in the morning.

I have been learning so much! My companion got a Book of Mormon Study Guide for her birthday so she let me borrow the one from the church. It is really fun to use the study guide. I am also learning a lot more from Preach My Gospel. I really love studying in the morning!

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